How to use GTalk in Orkut

How to Use Google Talk with Orkut

Google Talk has now been integrated with Orkut, its free social networking service, allowing Orkut users the convenience of using the popular IM service to keep in touch with their friends while logged in to the site. And you can use Google Talk even if you don’t have a Gmail address. All you have to do is login to your Google Account and use your existing e-mail address as your user name and you can chat with your friends in real time rather than having to send scraps. Read in detail at what is gtalk

One advantage of using Google Talk in Orkut is the ability to limit which of your friends you want to chat with, a feature that is not currently available with Gmail. All you have to do is go to your Friends Settings and create an exclusion list. You can also set your chat status settings to available, invisible, busy or offline, something that was also previously not available in Orkut. Check a interesting tip at to make text bold and italic in gtalk

GTalk ubuntu | GTalk for Linux

How to Use Gtalk for Linux and Ubuntu

Although Google Talk is based on the Linux kernel, a Gtalk Linux is not yet available, although it has been reported that they are working on a version that will work with Linux-based operating systems. However, many third-party developers have created Google Talk Linux apps that will allow the instant messaging system to be used with Linux-based OS such as Ubuntu.

Meanwhile, however, the Google Talk Ubuntu plugin for voice and video chat is already available, allowing Linux users of Gtalk to finally be able to avail of this feature. Google Talk developers reported that the reason it took them so long to come up with a Gtalk for Ubuntu is the difficulty of overcoming some of the engineering difficulties involved, such as creating an entirely new video rendering solution as well as conducting comparability tests on various webcams. So if you’re an Ubuntu user, you can enjoy the fruits of their labors by going to the Google Talk site and downloading Gtalk Ubuntu.

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Gtalk for Windows OS

An Overview of Recent Gtalk for Windows OS Support

Google Talk is a Windows-based app that you can use with a wide variety of Windows OS versions for details read What is Gtalk and About Gtalk, including Gtalk for Vista and Gtalk for Windows 7. It should be noted that if you are planning to install Google Talk for Vista, only the user currently logged in to the OS will be able to access the program, although once it has been installed it will be available to all users, but they won’t have access to other users’ accounts. There also seem to be a lot of problems with Gtalk Windows 7, as a lot of users have posted messages on the Help Forum requesting assistance regarding issues such as installation and difficulty logging in, among others.

At present there is no official Gtalk Windows Mobile app but if you have a Smartphone or Pocket PC you can still use Google Talk through third party instant messaging apps that support this program.

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